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06 October 2014 @ 10:08 pm
Hi everyone!

We have moved all NaNo/All Year Sprints communications to our brand new shiny forum All Year Sprints!

If you want to keep up with the latest happenings regarding NaNo Prep Workshops and Sprint Sessions, come join us over there!

If you are on facebook, you can ALSO find us by searching for the group All Year Sprints!

Mod Emmy (DreamWriter)
This is the last time I'm posting sprint schedules over here.

If you are not on facebook, I'd highly suggest either bookmarking and/or joining our forums at http://allyearsprints.boards.net.

If you are on facebook, search for All Year Sprints.

Sunday Sept 21st 7-10am

Monday Sept 22nd 11pm-2am

Tues Sept 23rd none scheduled

Wed Sept 24th none scheduled

Thurs Sept 25th 3-6pm (may start late/end early); 11pm-2am

Fri Sept 26th none scheduled

Sat Sept 27th none scheduled

Sun Sept 14th 7-10am
Mon Sept 15th 4-7pm
Tues Sept 16th none scheduled
Wed Sept 17th none scheduled
Thurs Sept 18th none scheduled
Fri Sept 19th none scheduled
Sat Sept 20th none scheduled

There will probably be spontaneous sprints this week and if you really want sprints you can always offer to host your own impromptus.

Sun Sept 7th 8-11pm
Mon Sept 8th 11pm-2am
Tues Sept 9th 12-3pm
Wed Sept 10th 8-11pm
Thurs Sept 11th 12-3pm; 11pm-2am
Fri Sept 12th none scheduled
Sat Sept 13th none scheduled

05 September 2014 @ 01:58 pm
Hello everyone! Most of you know that our chat room (Where we host sprints) http://www.chatzy.com/writingsprints is a paid account. There are so many reasons why we do this, but the number one is sheer numbers. Without a paid account we could only have 10 people in the room at time. During nano we can get up to 40 plus. So this is needed. The cost to run it per year is around 129. Which is under 11 dollars a month. However with pay pal fees and running it through my bank account, it usually costs me 150 per year to do this. So we're asking for donations now. We would never ask any one person to donate the entire 150, but we are asking, that if you want this room kept open, to donate SOMETHING. Even 1 dollar would help tremendously.

In the effort of honesty, this room has already been paid for (but it cost me an overdraft fee because I wasn't aware that I had it on recurring payments). I need to be reimbursed for the fee so we can stay up another year and we'd so appreciate it. So if you have time and the finances available, click the donation button and donate a little. Once we reach 150, I will stop taking donations and call it quits for the year.

We do this yearly to minimize on your cost as well as ours. And we hope you enjoy the room as much as we do. Thank you for being a great community.

Sun Aug 31st 6-10am; 12-3pm
Mon Sept 1st 12-3pm (tentative); 11pm-2am
Tues Sept 2nd 12-3pm
Wed Sept 3rd 12-3pm; 8-11pm
Thurs Sept 4th 12-3pm; 11pm-2am
Fri Sept 5th 12-3pm
Sat Sept 6th none scheduled

Sun Aug 24th none scheduled
Mon Aug 25th 11pm-2am
Tues Aug 26th none scheduled
Wed Aug 27th 12-3pm
Thurs Aug 28th 11pm-2am
Fri Aug 29th none scheduled
Sat Aug 30th none scheduled

16 August 2014 @ 11:18 pm
Sun Aug 17th none scheduled
Mon Aug 18th 8-11pm; 11pm-2am
Tues Aug 19th 8-11pm
Wed Aug 20th 8-11pm
Thurs Aug 21st 8-11pm; 11pm-2am
Fri Aug 22nd none scheduled
Sat Aug 23rd none scheduled

09 August 2014 @ 09:36 pm
Sun Aug 10th none scheduled
Mon Aug 11th 11pm-2am
Tues Aug 12th none scheduled
Wed Aug 13th 8am-11am; 12-3pm (tentative); 8-11pm (tentative)
Thurs Aug 14th none scheduled
Fri Aug 15th none scheduled
Sat Aug 16th none scheduled

02 August 2014 @ 11:34 pm
Sun Aug 3rd 5-8am
Mon Aug 4th 11-2am
Tues Aug 5th none scheduled
Wed Aug 6th 5-8am; 8-11pm
Thurs Aug 7th none scheduled
Fri Aug 8th none scheduled
Sat Aug 9th none scheduled